Hello Africa!

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My cousin started a site, called Hello Africa! I helped her out by designing the logo, and in the future I might even design a website, if we move it off Tumblr.

 Tumblr is really convenient because we can reblog and keep track of our followers and readers, and it really allows for a community feeling. But who knows! We’ll see what happens. I’ll post the final logo soon, but for now here are some of the designs that just barely missed the mark.



Self Portrait

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I did this in the fall of 2010 as part of my Digital Design class. It’s a self portrait, showing myself as being made up of all my favorite music. 

It’s a little corny, but it was soo much fun picking out which albums to use. Not many people look at/notice album art anymore, myself included.

It was fun to get people to guess which album was which. It’s difficult to do even if you actually do know the album, especially when the image is distorted and at a smaller size.

Look at all the different little me’s having fun! 


A Graphic Design Vocabulary

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This past summer, as part of my internship at a PR firm, I’ve been working on a graphic design vocabulary book. The aim is to present and explain graphic design terms to people who don’t have much knowledge of the relevant vocabulary, but still interact with graphic design frequently. For example, marketing/PR professionals might not need to know how to actually use Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign themselves, but they will still need to be able to explain themselves to someone who does.

That’s where this comes in. It was a lot of fun to create. I tried to keep the illustrated explanations as simple as possible, using the circles already part of the PR firm’s graphical identity.

You can read the blog post I did on the book here, see additional images in this post, and download a teaser pdf with a few pages of the book! The index is included in the pdf so you can see just how many definitions were included.

I also designed a poster to go with it! 



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Something new I’m working on. 

It’s oil pastels, tweaked a bit in Photoshop. I’m loving the colours so far.

Working on this reminded me that there are some things you just can’t do digitally. I tried in vain for hours to get the texture to look like I had imagined it, but with pastels it just took a few minutes. Sometimes I just prefer working with my hands.